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Curfew (2012)

Sadly, having reached the lowest point in his life and on the brink of demise, the self-destructive outcast, Richie, desperately wants out. However, as nothing is over yet, an unexpected call from his estranged sister, Maggie, offers a new lease of life, even though it is only a fleeting one. Strange as it may seem–as Richie is the last person she would ever call–a distraught Maggie needs Richie, of all the people, to look after her young daughter, Sophia, for the night. However, as the two alienated relatives timidly reconnect under New York’s silvery night lights, much to their surprise, a subtle and delicate relationship will start to bloom. Could this be the beginning of a new reality? ??Nick RiganasAwards: 21 wins & 3 nominations totalBudget: $50,000 (estimated)Soundtrack: We’ll Meet Again (Written by Ross Parker and Hugh Charles)Shawn ChristensenShawn Christensen, Fatima Ptacek, Kim Allen2012-10-04 (United States)tt2088735

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Genre: Short