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Dukhtar (2014)

Two family clans (here just called A and B) who had a long history of hostility agreed to bury their hostility. One central point of the agreement is that the youngest girl of A (who has not really a trustworthy young male escape. After some time they feel (correctly) that their present hiding place is not safe enough, and they make a second reached puberty) will marry the oldest man of B. The girl, her mother and escape. Here they are safe and this place is never found out. But in a town there will be a large festival. In view of the many years mother and daughter had lived without fear they take the chance and go to this town. But the B clan had expected that. ??Max Scharnberg, Stockholm, SwedenAwards: 9 wins & 7 nominationsWorldwide Gross: $12,452Soundtrack: Allah Rakhi’s Dream – Abhi Saath Chal (Performed by Hina Nasrullah, Sara Raza Khan)Afia NathanielSamiya Mumtaz, Mohib Mirza, Saleha Aref2015-10-09 (Pakistan, Norway, United States)tt3175888

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Genre: Thriller