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Office (Opiseu) (2015)

Kim Byong-gook works as section chief in big bureau-building. He is believed to be a family man, but his colleagues don’t like him much. One day, Byong-gook slaughters his whole family and then disappears. Detective Jong-hoon is investigating the case and also asking Kim’s colleagues about possible clues, but it seems they can’t help him. Except Lee Mi-rae. The policeman recognizes that the young girl seems to know more about his suspect, but is hiding something from him. So Detective Jong-hoon is watching the CCTV-Tapes and see Byong-gook entering the building – but doesn’t come out again. Jong-hoon believes Kim must hide in the building, which makes the workers afraid about to work – and they are absolutely right! ??AnonymusAwards: 3 wins & 8 nominationsSoundtrack: Mirage (Performed by Loveaholic)Won-Chan HongKo Asung, Sung-Woo Bae, Eui-sung Kim2015-08-27 (South Korea)tt4682562

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Genre: Thriller