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Usop Wilcha Meghonjang Makhluk Muzium (2015)

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Story about the museum organized an exhibition of ghosts world in an effort to attract people to come back to the museum. The organization of this exhibition unnoticed ghost world designed by certain parties in a bid to revive Count Dracula. Eternal life desired by Dracula This will inevitably lead the country into a state of chaos. However, this group discovered a cunning plan by the statues of the old leaders who have a passion to make this plan failed. Perak Man, Sultan of Malacca, Bendahara Tun Perpatih White, Datuk Maharaja Lela with the Autum had to communicate with people who they can trust to thwart the evil plans of the groupMamat KhalidElizabeth Tan, Mason R Walker, Usop Wilcha2015-09-03 (Malaysia)tt4799618

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Genre: Comedy